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The two artists, who met nine years ago in the complex cultural space ‘Banjul’, had a longing for each other, but they also had prejudices, so there was no chance to be together. Bora Ju, a gayageum player, has been active as a singer-songwriter as well as traditional music such as sanjo. In addition to performing with various musical instruments, she has continued on various stages by collaborating with dance, meditation, painting, and photography.
1 hr 24 min 52 sec Documentary Republic of Korea Woojin Song

30 Meetings / 30 Days

After being court ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, Alicia (Emily Goss) reluctantly commits to going to thirty meetings in thirty days. 20 min Short Film United States Duane Andersen
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A Whole Note

Sisters Ana and Sara Elias made a wish: to have their own itinerant carillon. They just didn’t know how to ask dad. But Alberto knew how to make his daughters dream come true.
1 hr 20 min 13 sec Documentary Portugal Pedro Ramalho Marques

Adoptive Land

A lost visitor, without land or country, arrives at a lost village in the distant and scorching mountains, and discovers a blackened people, truth, which appeals to the soul of the earth and the strength of the pines and still look at the sky, worship the sun, discover saints and glimpse miracles.
17 min 34 sec Short Film Portugal Carlos Pires Silveira

Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story

An unusual group of people came together in the most unlikely location to return Muhammad Ali to the boxing ring.
1 hr 16 min 34 sec Documentary United States Art L. Jones

ALS to Ashes: The Cory Nochta Story

Arizona resident Cory Nochta was used to living an active lifestyle. He was a multi-sport athlete at Shadow Mountain High School, played football at Phoenix College under Ron Wolfley and then joined the Goodyear Fire Department.
19 min 10 sec Short Documentary United States Jordan Spurgeon, Brandy Aguilar (Producers)

American Dream

A recovering addict suffers the dangers and indignities of gig work in the wealthy homes of the privileged few.
20 min 57 sec Short Film United States Angela Garcia Combs

An Untrained God

A young couple test the limits of their supernatural powers and their relationship after accidentally blasting all of humanity into another dimension.
9 min 25 sec Avant Garde United States Gregory M. Schroeder

Art of the Spirit

In 2021, Lewis Art Williams set out on a journey to bike across the US while painting Plein Air landscapes.
8 min 28 sec Documentary United States Andrew David Loewen
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Baked by Grace

Music’s on. Coffee’s Hot. Donuts are Fresh. Lake City Bakery in Polson, Montana has been in the same family for 52 years. While the donuts are great, the people who run the place are what make it special. Baked by Grace goes behind the scenes of this beloved eatery.
1 hr Faith Based United States David W. King

Be Free

Merry makes her heart desires known to the water spirit (Mami wata) through paper and ink and what follows is astonishing.
2 min 12 sec Animation Canada Samuel Owonte

Becoming Black Lawyers

When these five Black lawyers set out on their journeys to receive a professional legal education, they did not realize that they would have to struggle against additional battles even more challenging than the rigors of learning the law in a hypercompetitive environment. They discover the contradictions of studying in an institution that idealistically represents “justice” for all.
25 min Documentary United States Evangeline Mitchell

Becoming Me

Milo Paz takes us through the process of transitioning from female to male, and the emotional toll the journey has taken on them
9 min 18 sec Documentary United States Sabrina Petroski

Believe: The True Story of Real Bearded Santas

Believe: The True Story of Real Bearded Santas chronicles a year in the life of real bearded Santas from across the country, exploring the lives of men who not only still believe in Santa Claus…they think they are Santa Claus.
1 hr 12 min Documentary United States John Paget, James Waugh

Black Daddy The Movie

Being an artist comes with great responsibility. Being able to control the narrative is even more important. As a father I have come to know some amazing men who use love, great caution and wisdom at the core of their masculinity. A huge component of how they raise their children, the next wave of black brilliance. Oftentimes we celebrate our heroes without ever knowing the backstory of the men and women from which they come.
1 hr 23 min Documentary United States Damon Jamal Taylor

Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit

In many cultures it’s not common for women to be bread winners. Let alone that they also do a ‘men’s job’. In the short animated film “Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit” I’ll take you into a day in the life of the South African Black Mambas where this all female anti-poaching unit will join forces to take the fight against poaching.
3 min 33 sec Animation Netherlands Madelon Wulms

Bobcat Moretti

An obese multiple sclerosis patient takes up his late Father’s sport of boxing to overcome personal tragedy and find inner peace. “Bobcat Moretti” was filmed over the course of ten months, during COVID-19, allowing our lead actor to lose 154-pounds and embody the role.
1 hr 36 min Narrative Feature United States Rob Margolies


During the period of colonization in Morocco, some Moroccans from foreign schools experienced the tearing between the traditional Quranic school (el-Msid) and the modern European school. If the Msid carries the weight of identity and tradition, the modern school imposes itself by the force of the attraction of knowledge and culture, generating a situation of alienation
13 min International Morocco Ali Boudra

Brick Walls

Marco, a frustrated and conflicted 24-year-old, moves away from his rugged hometown to begin anew. However, he struggles to progress when his past puts up walls around him.
29 min 59 sec Short Film United States Brandon Forgione

Bring Her Home

Bring Her Home follows three Indigenous women – an artist, an activist, and a politician – as they fight to vindicate and honor their missing and murdered relatives who have fallen victims to a growing epidemic across Indian country. Despite the lasting effects from historical trauma, each woman must search for healing while navigating racist systems that brought about this very crisis.
56 min 14 sec Documentary United States Leya Hale

Brown Sugar

Monica has been clean for a while. Grace, her mother, wants it to stay that way but the daily strain of her relationship with Monica starts to take a toll. Add in a sketchy character and a college student, is Monica really clean as she lets on?
8 min 40 sec Short Film United States Stephanie Alecia Rose
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When a space captain (Carolynn Stouder) damages the navigation system after taking control of her ship from her AI companion, C.H.A.R.L.I.E. (Adam Rebora), she must overcome her fears and make repairs before it’s too late.
7 min 53 sec Student Film United States Jared Weber

Care Package

CARE PACKAGE. JUDY (Linda Purl) is thrilled to get what appears to be a surprise care package for the freezer from her sister, VALERIE (Lydia Cornell). But defrosting it reveals a bigger surprise!
9 min 10 sec Best Comedy United States Don Most


Depois de perder a mãe, Maria precisa enfrentar seus medos e romper as cercas para o mundo
19 min Short Film Brazil Ismael Moura

Clarissa’s Battle

Social Justice Warrior Clarissa Doutherd leads a tenacious battle to build a coalition fighting for child care and early education funding. Her coalition grows into a diverse movement that becomes larger and more determined with each setback.
1 hr 29 min Documentary United States Tamara Perkins
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

Deflated Dreamer

Red loses his job at the used car lot and doesn’t know where to turn. Now he’s looking for a new career move with some wiggle room.
5 min Best Comedy United States Jonason Pauley

Do Bairro (From the Neighborhood)

Within the beating heart of a city, the Hoods meet to tell their story. In a blend of authenticity, roots, traditional music and cause and effect philosophy, they lay it all bare.
1 hr 15 min 24 sec Documentary Portugal Diogo Varela Silva

Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

“Don’t Look Too Far Ahead” is a film about Miami native and first generation Haitian-American college basketball athlete, David Jean Baptiste. Although privilege and wealth did not allow David the same basketball opportunities as many of his peers, he continued to persevere and create his own legacy. Watch as David plays the last home game of his college career at The University of Chattanooga and reflects on what’s ahead.
11 min 30 sec Short Documentary United States Nattalyee Randall


Bobbie Willson aka “DUES” is Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota before the journey of Creating the hit T.V. Show “FX Reservation Dogs”, & a founding member of the 1491s Indian Sketch Comedy Group he still stays connected to his original passion for Graffiti street art. Michael R.L. Begay’s Documentary follows street Artist Dues through his one-month residency in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
15 min Documentary United States Michael R.L. Begay
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Close your eyes. What do you see. You may think you see black, but you don’t. What you see, is Eigengrau. In this Short Film from Out of the Ark Productions, Follow Kevin and his friends as they attempt to unravel the mysteries of the phenomenon that is visual noise, and the dire consequences of their exploration into the dark unknown.
17 min 36 sec Short Film United Kingdom Christopher C Arkley

El Clave Mal Temperado

In this video-performance by Two Envelopes and director Hendrickx, El Clave Mal Temperado is given a prelude where two uniformed characters (Green and Black) are drawn along by sheep ambling their path. Through stories we understand that sheep move in flocks with loyalty or break away mischievously.
15 min Avant Garde Belgium Mathieu Hendrickx


A fiery young schoolgirl would do anything to protect her best friend from a merciless bully – and stumbles upon a dark, mysterious ring with magical powers that just might make her problems disappear
11 min 33 sec Faith Based Japan Jamie Kassler

Erin Hill: Eleanor Rigby

Rock ‘n’ roll harpist & singer Erin Hill reimagines The Beatles’ masterpiece.
3 min 55 sec Music Video United States Erin Hill
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FACE is a hyper-real CGI conceptual film driven by silent thought-provoking emotion where I open a window to my Autistic world.
2 min 50 sec Animation United Kingdom Sophia Kyriacou


When just a small child, Teresa has to face the disappearance of her best friend, Lucas. After many years and without having forgotten him, Teresa begins to have a hunch that Lucas is alive, but in another dimension. Little by little and guided by her own intuition, she will gradually unveil the path towards the place where she can find her friend… Music will be a strong ally… Will she dare to leave everything behind to go and look for him?
19 min Short Film Spain Carol Butrón


“Fleeting” is a short, silent (but musical) film that follows a reclusive man, who relives a forgotten memory of a past lover when a red silk lace takes him on a nostalgic journey through love, loss, and longing.
7 min 20 sec Short Film United States Peter Figueira

Floating City

Floating City is a 3D animation inspired by the tense and busy life in Hong Kong. The animated film refers to daily life in Hong Kong. The servility of Hong Kong people is too heavy.
4 min 29 sec Animation Hong Kong Chit Ng

Forever Yours

In a world full of technology manners to communicate with each others, D&A, hopeless lovers, have only the sea to send their letters through. Between two countries they have the same fears, that their letters will never arrives ,so they send another letter to express their fears.
6 min 24 sec Short Film Egypt Martin Elia Hermena

From Mexico to Vietnam, a Chicano story

After losing her father at an early age, Tina Duran explores the rich history of her father, the story of her ancestors who migrated from Mexico to the United States, and the implications the Vietnam War had on the Chicano & Latino community.
50 min 1 sec Documentary United States Andrés Gallegos
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

Game Over

“Game Over” tells the story of a diverse group of illegal Afghan youngsters, who have been left with no choice, but to leave their homes and families behind, to flee as teenagers to a foreign country. The film follows their life in Zeytinburnu, an Afghan diaspora in Turkey, where they do not speak the language and must live underground, hiding from the police, while working in shady jobs.
28 min 24 sec Documentary Turkey Saeed Mayahy, Miriam Carlsen


Gilbert thinks he is being watched and goes to therapy for resolution.
7 min 22 sec Best Comedy United States Wendy Crouse


Greyland is the story of what was the fastest shrinking city in the United States, Youngstown, Ohio. Once the booming centre of American steel, when the bottom fell out of the industry in the 1950s, 60% of the population moved out. Today, 37% of those left, live beneath the poverty line. Like Rocco and Amber.
1 hr 14 min 01 sec Documentary Canada Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director


Bangis Schastlivyi (Happy in Russian) is a son of an influential Guinean, and a simple Russian woman. He is one of the few black people born in the USSR. His whole life is a series of fascinating events: a meeting with his father, whom he has never seen before, gold mining in Africa, loses and gains. Despite all the difficulties, Bangis surname corresponds to reality. No matter what happens, he is still happy.
39 min International Russian Federation Ivan Rodin

Hit List

An eager thief hits the jackpot as he takes on the city, until he steals from an unassuming young woman who might jeopardize his biggest heist yet.
10 min 50 sec Faith Based Japan Jamie Kassler
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

I’ll come home

In March 2022, it was 50 years since Roland Dernmark suffered a shipwreck in the Bay of Biscay with the ship Stensö. I got to know Roland over twenty years ago and the story of his unlikely luck and the mere four beers they had to get by in the raft before they were found six days later stuck with me.
48 min 16 sec Documentary Sweden Björn Rallare


In the last 2 years we have been experiencing forced social isolation, due to a pandemic. We saw empty cities, deserted streets, closed shops. For many, this period in our history was a turning point in habits, routines and ways of living. But how did the isolated people who inhabit the small villages of Portugal survive all this? This film is a portrait about living in a pandemic in the small village of Pena, São Pedro do Sul (Portugal), with only six inhabitants. It is an observational documentary facing a time of change.
16 min 41 sec International Portugal Pedro Albuquerque Vieira
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

João Ayres, an Independent Painter

It’s a story with many layers. It’s about the painter Joao Ayres (1921 -2001) an artist in transit between Portugal and Africa who became forgotten in the narrative of Modern Art. It’s also a story about his family, who inherited a significant body of work.
52 min Documentary Portugal Diogo Varela Silva


Trouble finds Gino the night before the championship game.
8 min 39 sec Short Film United States Stephanie Alecia Rose
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

Kanymda Kumiss

They say the biking is just a pretext. An excuse to open doors and open minds. Following Fred Horny from Bishkek to the Lenin Peak, Kanymda kumiss is more than a mountain bike movie. It’s an adventure.
29 min 06 sec Short Film France Jérémie Reuiller

Keeping Christmas

A biographical story of a man that over came a physical handicap and went on to invent and create a successful company that made unique Christmas ornaments. A life hindered by a pandemic, depression, two world wars, fire and the annexation of his homeland by the Russians. A story of family, perseverance, grit, luck and love.
51 sec 36 sec Documentary Germany Rick Van Velsor


A group of Christmas figurines must work through an extra long holiday season.
10 min 30 sec Animation United States Jon Friesen
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

Last Day

Doug Harris, fired from his sales job, returns for an exit interview with the HR director. It doesn’t go well.
12 min Short Film United States Rich Hansil

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Two middle-aged quirky singles meet for drinks after they connected on OK-cupid. His compliments and her lack of conversation leads them to “laying all the cards on the table.” They go back and forth with his wants, her needs, their compatibilities until an outrageous revelations is a deal breaker.
7 min 11 sec Best Comedy United States Bret Koehler
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

Malpelo: Mountain if Sharks

Days away from the closest land, lies a mythical underwater volcano. Beneath the waves: a bonanza of life. Massive shoals of fish darken the water and hundreds of sharks patrol the seamount.
14 min 53 sec Documentary United States Kevin Mannens

Mara: The Seal Wife

After giving birth to their child on a beach during the dead of night Sine runs into the darkness leaving her husband Magnus in a state of anguish. Journeying into the past we discover the answers behind Sine’s behaviour and witness the harrowing events that brought her into the realm of the selkie, mythological creatures that take the form of seals known to shed their skin to reveal a human form.
39 min 59 sec International/Sci Fi United Kingdom Uisdean Murray

Match Point 2.0 — The Rise of HBCU Men’s Volleyball

In 2022, six Historically Black Colleges and Universities launched men’s volleyball programs in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. This represents the most significant growth in NCAA volleyball in 50 years and increases opportunities for minority athletes to participate in collegiate athletics.
29 min 53 sec Documentary United States Cooper J Griffin


A fresh and hilarious take on the old Greek tale of King Midas. The story follows the King, as his daughter, Marigold, desperately attempts to get him to see past his boundless greed — until Dionysus makes his godly entrance, bestowing upon the old king the ability to turn anything he touches to gold, and to chase his greed evermore.
4 min 23 sec Animation United States Ben Meyer, Mav Vitale, Lisa Qingyi Liu


A young man time travels back one year to prevent the death of his wife.
43 min 09 sec Horror/Sci Fi United States Anthony Thomas Wright

Mouth of Hell

A shy Portuguese poet and an exuberant English occultist meet up in Lisbon in 1930. When the last one disappears, an English detective begins a thorough investigation: was it a suicide, as reported.
38 min 19 sec International/Sci Fi Portugal Luís Porto

My Ghost

A woman is guided through her memories by her recently deceased husband.
25 min 20 sec Short Film United States Luke Frisbie
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

Night Out

Set in the 1970s, two teen girls sneak out of town to have a crazy birthday celebration only to find that they are not alone.
15 min 19 sec Short Film United States Jordan Burbank

North Town

North Town explores the once segregated black community in Mesa, Arizona from in the early 1900’s to the 1980’s. North Town has become known as Washington–Escobedo Park Neighborhood. Mesa, Arizona is the home of the Mesa Mormon Temple, Chicago Cubs Spring Training Camp, thriving Citrus Groves, and at one time Mesa was part Cotton capital of Arizona and World Wide, which, was celebrated each year with the King of Kotton Karnival Parade. During this documentary we will examine this small community and visit with some of the residents past and present to discover their experiences and connection to the national Civil Rights Movement, professional sports, politics, churches, and racism in Mesa, Arizona and America.
1 hr 5 min 14 sec Documentary United States Bruce Nelson

Not To Forget

This is a drama that stars 5 Academy Award winners. After a life of little scams, a self-centered millennial is sentenced to take care of his grandmother, who is affected by Alzheimer’s. As he realizes the extent of her wealth, the protagonist gets closer to the treasure he’s been looking for.
1 hr 24 min Narrative Feature United States Valerio Zanoli
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director


Charlotte is a young woman struggling to cope with the loss of her close friend Preston. When his daughter whom he entrusted Charlotte to care for is infected with a highly dangerous virus Charlotte is forced to make a choice whether to hold on to her past or let go and live her life.
12 min 40 sec Student Film United States Tommy Pascale

Older Than The Crown

Older Than The Crown follows the trial of Sinixt tribal member Rick Desautel who in 2010 was charged with hunting as a non resident and without a proper permit in Canada. Rick harvested an elk on the ancestral land of the Sinixt people in Vallican British Columbia Canada. To the Sinixt, hunting on ancestral land is an aboriginal right gifted to them by Creato
57 min Documentary United States Derrick Lamere

On Sacred Ground

Inspired by real events, ON SACRED GROUND follows Dan, a war vet journalist who suffers from PTSD, during what becomes the spiritual transformation of a lifetime. Dan is hired to go to North Dakota and cover a confrontation around an oil pipeline that is being built at the Standing Rock Native American Reservation. Dan soon finds himself in between two worlds: the world of the pipeline company and the world of the indigenous people whose land the pipeline crosses. As the confrontation builds and battle lines are drawn, Dan is forced to make a series of impossible choices that will alter his life and the future of America itself
1 hr 25 min Narrative Feature United States Rebbecca Tickell, Josh Tickell

On the Ridge

An inspirational story focusing on the success and triumph of the Oglala Lakota people in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.A look at the amazing programs, customs, and people that are making positive change on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
1 hr 32 min Documentary United States Ishma Yusaf Valenti I, Denis Paul Circo
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director


A young woman is offered the chance of a new life in a village inhabited only by Social Media Influencers
29 min 32 sec Short Film Canada Clifton Tully
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director


This is a fabulous film that confronts the cultural backdrop of the Chinese taboo that forbids dialogue about poverty or financial want, in this tale of love, learning, enlightenment, creativity and growth, two children discover a way to give a Mother’s Day gift beyond the value of money.
8 min 24 sec Animation United States Hui Tan


An Iranian girl musician trying to save a warbler bird from being captured in a concert hall.
12 min 15 sec International Iran Alimohammad Eghbaldar


Rozhan wants to save her family from a big trouble
8 min 55 sec International Iran Gita Feizi

Run Rabbit.

A series of brutal murders on catholic authority causes a string of conspiracies to unravel and a notorious underground crime syndicate to go on high alert.
1 hr 45 min Narrative Feature United States Justin Rose
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director

She’s Fine

A vet tech tolerates her possessive new roommate, Caroline, until she must fight for her life after discovering the bloody secret behind Caroline’s eccentric art.
19 min 45 sec Best Drama United States Ramuel Galarza


When a pharmaceutical spy ducks into a library to avoid capture he encounters a potential partner/love interest in a librarian looking for adventure and a new job.
15 min 59 sec Best Action/Thriller United States Penny LeLeux

Shoveling Pixie Dust: a Memoir

From producing an audacious short film, to becoming a Hollywood refugee, to building a Magic Kingdom, follow Tim’s adventures and struggles as he deals with the challenges of making magic. Enjoy a heartfelt memoir about the making of a Disney Imagineer, covering the entire working career of artist Tim Landry, from film school through to retirement.
1 hr 20 min 56 sec Documentary United States Tim Landry

Silenced Tree

Hayati is a small-town literature teacher and a one hit wonder author who tries helplessly to hold on to his past: his shattering marriage, his sick old mother, a decaying walnut tree and the memory of his father. Instead of moving on with his life and taking control, he passively accepts its blows and is only interested in digging into the past, until his discovery forces him to confront his own weakness and answer the question: is standing idle while witnessing evil being done is just as much of a sin as doing it?
1 hr 57 min 53 sec Narrative Feature Turkey Faysal Soysal

Simpatia do Limão aka Lemon Spell

A woman goes to a fortune teller to get her gorgeous man back.
15 min Short Film Brazil Miguel Oliveira

Snow White

Željka is a 40-year-old woman, living a quiet life in an isolated village. An unexpected visit will take her back to the past, shaking up her daily routine.
14 min 40 sec Short Film Croatia Lana Barić

Solo Mother

“Solo Mother” is a short documentary film that tells the stories of women, mothers, blacks, residents of communities in the city of Salvador, Brazil, presenting their identities as single mothers, through authorial accounts of their experiences, fleeing from stereotypes that surround black single mother women.
15 min Documentary Brazil Camila de Moraes


When 15 year old Mary died by suicide her parents were met with shame and stigma. They refused to be silent.
57 min Documentary Australia Helen Newman

Something Inside is Broken

This Native American Music Award winning pre-gold rush era rock opera, based on actual historical events, focuses on the untold story of how Natives were slaves under Johann Sutter’s Mexican reign. Slave hunters scoured Northern California to supply Sutter with young native girls and boys. Captain Fremont and Kit Carson massacred hundreds of natives prior to the Bear Flag Revolt and the Mexican American war. With relevant modern themes and dehumanizing media practices, this conflict is cleverly woven into our dark American history.
1 hr 56 min Native American United States Jack Kohler


Sónia is a badminton athlete that pursues her dream of participating in the Olympic Games. Her journey, however, is marked by a surprise that changes her life.
12 min 38 sec Short Film Portugal Maria Moreira

Split Ends

A bald girl and a young boy with long hair whose car has been confiscated due to lack of proper hijab are trying to solve their problem with the Tehran Morality Police without having to pay a fine. Police surveillance cameras have mistaken the boy for a woman because of his long hair, and the young girl, despite her shaved head, has to pay the fine simply because she’s a woman and that the hijab law only applies to females. The two of them are hence resisting the police. Being humiliated by a police officer, they decide to punish the officer in their own way.
14 min 15 sec International Iran Alireza Kazemipour

Stay Away

Stay away her because you are doomed to stay away and If you approach her……
12 min 53 sec International Iran Golestan Mansouri
Title Description Runtime Type Country Director


Farid is a teenage boy who loses his father when Covid starts and his mother has heart disease. Now that schools are closed due to quarantine and teaching is done virtually, he can not afford to buy a tablet and tries to turn his life around and continue his education, which is fruitless, which makes him depressed and helpless, and in the end he decides to Commits suicide
14 min 44 sec International Iran Malihe Dehghani

Ter Chono

The thirteenth century finds more than half of the world known under the rule of the Mongol hordes. From southern China to the near border of Vienna, nothing seemed to stand in the way of these terrible steppe warriors. However, the struggle for power and the desire of the great Kublai Khan, the nephew of Genghis Khan, to submit Asia, made the generals in the territories of the former Dacia return to Mongolia. In their retreat, robbery and destruction were a way of being, not at all foreign to the so-called Christian chivalric orders also.
22 min 44 sec Short Film Romania George Dogaru

The Aftermath

LaChelle Hunt’s “The Aftermath”, is a moody Common Era drama atop the windy seaside hills of Point Reyes. Evelyn arrives in California in 1912 after traveling across America to pursue her dreams once shared with another. She deals with being alone on this journey and looks through her darkness to find a new light.
6 min 44 sec Short Film United States LaChelle Joy Hunt

The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion is a film that follows LA-based street artist, activist, and single mother, Lydia Emily, as she defies a crippling diagnosis that threatens to take away her livelihood.
1 hr 18 min 52 sec Documentary United States Libby Spears

The Boot

In a war-torn and famine-stricken city where there is anything but wreckage and dead bodies, a bird is trying hard to find food for her hungry chickens. But nothing is as easy as it seems!
4 min 17 sec Animation Iran Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib

The Dinner

The similarities of different lives exist beyond the surface.
4 min 6 sec Short Film United States Miles Lewis Porter

The Exchange. In White America. Kaukauna & King 50 Years Later

The story of s high school student exchange between a mostly Black high school and an all-white high school in 1966.
1 hr 1 min 39 sec Documentary United States Joanne l Williams

the fix

A working, single mother is forced to call her absent father for a last minute babysitting request.
11 min 29 sec Short Film United States Emilio Miguel Torres

The Floating Kyoto

The fate of Japan rests in the hands of a mysterious musician and a tyrannical shogun.
12 min 7 sec Animation United States Shelley Johnson II

The Gold Teeth

Sahra, an Afghan refugee in Canada arrives at Iranian ex-Dentist, Hamed’s doorstep for help extracting her late father’s gold teeth before they bury him.
15 min Short Film Canada Alireza Kazemipour

The Jook’s on You

This is a story about the band JOOK that nearly slipped through the cracks of time. If it weren’t for a Music Fest Promoter talking them into headlining his TNT Festival, their first gig together since 1974, those cracks might have eaten them right up.
60 min 13 sec Documentary United States Ashley Kimmet

The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market

Artist Michael Shaw – also known as “The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market” – has been selling his unique stained-glass creations at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle for 25 years. This 20-minute documentary uses his personal narrative to delve into a deeper dialogue about these fascinating objects and their universal appeal to the human imagination.
21 min Short Film United States Russell Brown

The Long Haul

In March of 2020, Ben O’Donnell was Minnesota’s first critical COVID-19 patient. The 38-year-old husband and father spent nearly a month battling for his life in a Minneapolis hospital’s intensive care unit. Upon his release in April, in what seemed like an unattainable stretch of the imagination to those around him, O’Donnell set his sights on training for, and completing a 140.6-mile triathlon.
58 min Documentary United States Scott Harves

The Other Half

One man’s lifelong secret brings two unlikely strangers together.
11 min 7 sec Short Film United States Caitlin Burris

The Panda & The Rice Cooker

A lone girl forced to survive in the jungle has her world turned upside down when she meets a baby panda. The two must then learn to work together if they wish to survive the perils of the jungle.
7 min Animation United States Christian Washington


The Pantani Affair winds its way through a period of five years in the life Marco Pantani, from and including the 5th of June 1999 until the 14th February 2004, the date of his death. The news does not tell the whole story about Marco Pantani. A story that mixes drama with mystery, conspiracy with tragedy. His story is the rise and fall of a much-loved hero, a one way ticket, running from the world and from himself. His dead left only doubts and no certainties.
2 hr 18 min Narrative Feature Italy Domenico Ciolfi

The Prism

A Singaporean family downgrades from their luxury condominium to a small public housing apartment due to the father losing his job in the pandemic. In the midst of moving, they discover something special about their 9 year old autistic son.
21 min Short Film Singapore Eric Wong

The Relentless One

Kathleen Black survived a horrific childhood both as a witness to parental domestic abuse and by becoming homeless at 15 after surviving her own physical and emotional abuse that included her being sent to a psychiatric ward for observation. While these traumas would crush most people, Ms. Black chose to not only survive, but rather insisted on thriving through it all.
40 min Documentary Canada M. Douglas Silverstein

The Road Less Cycled

In a one street town called Kranskop, in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal midlands of South Africa, Philani Jaca, a hard-headed young aspiring cyclist , works a dead-end construction job.
1 hr 40 min Narrative Feature South Africa Nathan Rice

The Sprayer

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.
8 min 45 sec Animation Germany Farnoosh Abedi

The Watcher

The last remaining member of a small religious cult (The Children of Enoch) awaits the resurrection of her recently departed “sisters” and their leader, Father Enoch.
9 min 28 sec Short Film United States Nathan Sellers

The Whole Lot

A woman, her husband, and her estranged brother meet at their late father’s property to divide his estate and confront an uncomfortable family history.
1 hr 43 min 53 sec Narrative Feature United States Connor Rickman

This is My Black

Things have drastically changed for the choir students at Pine Forge Academy, a historically Black boarding school nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania. The students return to a school in a time when anti-blackness is rising and a deadly virus is sweeping the world. Through raw dialogue, inspirational music, dance, poetry, and percussion these students endeavor to make sense of their identity, their faith and the fractured world around them.
1 hr 6 min 5 sec Narrative Feature United States Stephen Adetumbi, Jarrett Roseborough
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Ukraine War, the eyes of refugees

Short film , documentary , following the lives of the Ukrainian war refugees, from the Russian war on Ukraine. It features the lives of the refugee children and their response to war. Interviews with parents and other adults. filmed on location in Ukraine and Siret Romina
37 min 25 sec Documentary United States Olivia M Pfaff

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is about parents making a kite for their kid with which they teach him to fly. This kite is a symbol for the things he needs to learn in order to be independent. After the child has the ability to control the kite, his parents leave and let him take control of the kite and his life. They still love and watch him from nearby.
3 min 19 sec Animation Taiwan Wallis Liu

Under Spanish Skies

After the sudden death of her husband, a reclusive artist invites life long friends to her farm in Spain and reveals a shocking plan. before the weekend ends, the friends must reveal secrets from the past that will drive her toward a devastating choice.
1 hr 29 min 32 sec Narrative Feature Germany Nathan Buck

Us Against Them

Samuel Taft is black police officer with the Philadelphia Police Department. He’s an officer that bleeds blue but is also conflicted with the violence cops throughout the nation are perpetuating on African Americans. Samuel believes in the importance of his job, but hates the fact that officers commit these injustices and are never charged or even prosecuted. Samuel’s twin brother, Howard Taft, quit the police force for many of the same reasons. His nephew, Smith Taft, is very progressive and often reminds Samuel of the double life he seems to be living. Samuel must come to terms with the career he’s chosen and everything that comes with it or try and fight back against the system for his people. Ultimately, he must choose which side he’s truly on.
13 min 1 sec Short Film United States Ronnel Ricardo Parham
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Focused on the backstage of VAZIO’s conception – GONGORI’s debut album -, this documentary by Marco Alexandre aims to unveil Gonçalo Alegre’s creative process.
20 min Short Documentary Portugal Marco Alexandre
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Wade in the Water: A journey into Black surfing and Aquatic Culture

Wade in the Water: The Documentary (2022) is a historical chronicle of the 1,000 year old Pan-African surfing tradition that stretched the coastline of West Africa from Senegal to Angola and has since taken root in America. The film features several of SoCal’s leading surf historians as well as community leaders and environmental activists in the upcoming generation of pioneers.
1 hr 16 min 6 sec Documentary Unites States David Mesfin

WALL-E’s Old Man

After getting laid off by a factory where he’s worked his whole life, an old man is inspired to build a robot that long outlives him.
12 min 32 sec Animation United States Jeff Blyth

When Neptune Washed Ashore/Quando Neptuno deu à Costa

6 min 36 sec Music Video Portugal Sebastião Varela

Who Done It: The Clue Documentary

Solve the mystery of how a film based on a board game bombed at the box office but found an undying fanbase 35 years later.
1 hr 45 min Documentary United States Jeff C. Smith

Why I’m Not a Basketball Player

A ballad of love, pain and gratitude to basketball and the life around it.
1 hr 49 min 25 sec Documentary Israel Alon Weinstock

Wild Prairie Man

Wild Prairie Man is an intimate look at the life of a man enthralled with the exotic and endangered lands of Grasslands National Park.
54 min 30 sec Documentary United States George Tsougrianis

William Greaves: Remembering an American Filmmaker

Documentary about African-American filmmaker William Greaves (1926-2014) based on interviews done with Greaves between 1996 and 2001.
1 hr Documentary United States Walid A Khaldi


“Winning” is a rousing romantic comedy which explores the fiercely competitive sides in a marital relationship during a jigsaw puzzle contest. The undertaking leads to outrageous behavior by both husband and wife causing both personal trauma and upheaval in their home. Hopefully the ending will bring resolution and contentment.
14 min 49 sec Short Film United States Anne Cameron Fair
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A woman begins to realize her life at home is not what it seems.
30 sec Animation United States Juan Declan
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Zach Hoffpauir: The Real Story

A two-sport Stanford athlete. A Centennial High School legend. A son and a brother. A dancing cowboy with a heart of gold. Zach Hoffpauir touched the lives of countless individuals during his life. On May 14, 2020, Hoffpauir passed away from a fentanyl overdose at the age of 26 but his life and what he leaves behind is more than a statistic.
21 min Documentary United States Claudia Collins, Devon Henry, Jordan Spurgeon

Zaven Collins: A Good Guy from the Middle of Nowhere

You don’t get to choose where you come from. In turn, you don’t get to choose who represents your hometown. For Arizona Cardinals linebacker Zaven Collins and the town of Hominy, Oklahoma – with a population of about 3,000 – they didn’t get to choose each other but they’re sure glad they are linked together.
18 min 35 sec Short Documentary United States Jordan Hamm (Producer)